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Phil Buckley

"It was 100% my pleasure, Martin. It was great to reconnect with the most creative marketer I've ever known." Phil Buckley

My lunch with Phil was an important reminder. Lunch with intelligent, funny, yet humble marketing friends such as Phil is Rubik cube fun. A little like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, marketing pros riff so fast it's hard for the uninitiated to follow. As I noted in my Linkedin comment after our lunch, Phil is one of the best SEO's and now an IBM Senior SEO, I know and I know a gaggle of SEOs.


After writing HTML to create and launch in November 1999 and then making almost $80,000 before the end of the year, I remember thinking life was about to change in significant ways. And yes, I have a gift for understatement.

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The web and online marketing is differenct than 1999, but...

Arresting ideas supported by beautiful images, excellent design, and great writing still create buzz and sell products.
Sustainable online profits come from developing communities and selling your cause before pitching products. Because you can do something doesn't mean it is the right thing to do, and figuring out the right thing is where the rub lies. It's hard to remember to listen more than I preach, but I'm working on it.

Content Marketing
SEO and Keyword Research
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing


Worked for Procter and Gamble, M&M/Mars, Director of E-commerce & started two companies.


January 2022 - Present

After designing 45 websites making more than $50,000,000 in online sales and working with lawyers, real estate agents, and plumbers I may be able to help achieve your online goals.

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December 2013 - December 2021

Created content marketing apps and consulting in web strategy, content marketing, web design, web copy, SEO, online community and gamification for e-commerce merchants and B2B relationship brands as a Startup Factory supported company.

atlantic bt logo image

Atlantic BT

Marketing Director

October 2011 - November 2013

Worked with company founder & CEO Jon Jordan to develop content marketing, SEO, and brand positioning doubling traffic to producing two record sales years while winning accolades from Fortune's Fastest Growing Companies & the Triangle Business Journal.

Townsend Enterprises logo

Townsend Enterprises

Director E-Commerce

Jan 2003 - October 2011

Won customer hearts, minds, and loyalty profitably lifting print cataloger's online business from less than $1M annually to more than $6M while establishing industry leadership and often copied online marketing tactics and strategies.

Found Objects logo

Found Objects, Inc.


August 1993 - January 2003

Created one of the first B2C and B2B specialty gifts distribution businesses online. Found Objects helped Magnet Poetry Kit become a $50M specialty gift. The company helped Zen Boards and other unique gifts creating sustainable markets for new, innovative, and creative gifts.

NutraSweet logo


Sales Director - Dairy

January 1989 - August 1993

Sold $22M of NutraSweet to dairies including Wells Blue Bunny, Dryers and Yarnell. Worked with Rogers Yarnell to create one of first fat free ice creams called "Guilt Free". Launched hundreds of new products and several major new sugar free brands.


High School

Choate Rosemary Hall

September 1973 - May 1976

Wallingford, Connecticut.


Vassar College

September 1976 - May 1980

Poughkeepsie, NY
BA Psychology

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