Martin Smith
Efland, NC 9193601224, martin@martinwescottsmith.com
Professional Summary

I'm a digital marketing consultant who has worked for Procter and Gamble M&M/Mars, been a Director of E-commerce, and started two companies. Companies I've worked for profitably made more than $50 million from every aspect of digital marketing, including:

  • Develop Strategic Planning & Brand Strategy.
  • Create websites that convert visitors to buyers or contributors.
  • Design websites based on data and goals  & optimize (SEO).
  • Deploy Content Marketing & write copy. 
  • Post Social Media Marketing, evaluate, rinse and repeat.
Develop Digital Marketing based on buying personas, goals, and metrics.
Create E-Commerce sites that convert visitors to buyers.
Strategic Website Design using 1-9-90 Rule.
Content Marketing based on 80-20 Rule.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Write evergreen, blog, and key page content.
Current Marketing Consultant PatientsVoices.net

Helped PatientsVoices.net, a healthcare startup using AI to quantify patient stories, develop an online marketing plan, redesign their SquareSpace website, create new content, and utilize social media to drive healthcare decision-makers to the new site. Results since launch show why strategic thinking, web design, and content marketing matter,

  • Increased Unique visitors by 35%.
  • Grew sessions by 44%.
  • Decreased Bounce Rate by 8%.
  • Time on site is approaching nine minutes! 
BA Psychology Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
Choate School, Wallingford, CT
Additional Information

Find a more complete resume and other current project summaries at MartinWescottSmith.com/resume.html.