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Worked for Procter and Gamble, M&M/Mars, Director of E-commerce & started two companies.


Director Ecom & Consultant on websites from electronics to lawyers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is TOUGH but still possible if you share more than you sell..


Today great SEO doesn't help as much as BAD SEO hurts.

Writing Online Copy

Online copy is more Hemingway than Faulkner.

Web Design

Grids coumns, rows, widgets, images and responsive design help tease clicks on desktop, pads, and phones.

Content & Social Media Marketing

Creating great content matters most when shared, discussed, and commented.

MWS Blog

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Fixing Healthcare One Patient At A Time

Sarah Goodsen great LinkedIn question got me thinking about about how to fix healthcare.

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Steal These Five E-Commerce Tips From Deplace Maison.

Every e-com website could learn from the eastern cool Deplace Maison.

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2GirlsCabinets Five Marketing Steals image and link

2GirlsCabinets Five Marketing Steals

Appropriate these five online marketing tips from Kirsten Buckley's successful cabinent painting business.

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