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Avocado Green Matress - Why Buy

My Avocado Mattress arrived yesterday. Unboxing a full sized mattress in a box is thrilling, easier than anticpated, and fun. The mattress spread out and fluffed up overnight. Afraid my fitted sheets wouldn't fit, I purchased Avocado sheets too. The sheets are in the wash. However, I'll add my sleep reviw to this page in a week or so. Today's post shares why I decided to invest in better sleep.

  • Staying Asleep - The older I become the harder it is to stay asleep.
  • Side Sleeper - As a side sleeper I've noticed more shoulder and hip pain sleeping on a foam mattress.
  • VOCs - Volitile Organic Compounds are something every asthmatic has to be aware of and sensitive about.
  • Heat - I sleep HOT so buying a cooler mattress than foam was essential.
  • Purple Pillow - I upgraded my pillow to and will discuss the week I've spent sleeping on the Purple Harmony pillow.

Staying Asleep

Getting to sleep isn't so bad (yet), but staying asleep is brutal. Wide awake at three-thirty last night is not unusual. Recommendations after a visit to the UNC Sleep Clinic helped on the margin. I moved some medications from night to morning, eliminated caffeine consumption (cokes and chocolate) after midday, and went to bed later. These changes helped to fall asleep, but staying asleep not so much.

What's a good night's sleep worth? Good rest is worth more and more, I discovered the hard way. When the FDA recalled my continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, I experienced a dramatic sleep importance demonstration. After not using a CPAP for several weeks, "walking zombie" was an accurate description—money well spent if the Avocado Green Mattress adds another hour a night.

Side Sleeper

Sore shoulders and hips were signs my foam mattress needed an upgrade. I'm a side sleeper. When one shoulder was more painful than the other, I knew my position the night before. Pain-free sleep is maybe more important than more sleep. Since pillows impact shoulders too, I spent what seemed an ungodly sum on a Purple Harmony pillow.

Like most things these days, upgrading a mattress isn't fast, easy, or even sane. Adhering to Barry Schwartz's Paradox of Choice lessons was hard. Schwartz's book says time wasted on continuous evaluation is time you'll never get back. Despite Schwartz's warning, I watched hours of videos. There is an industry of bed reviewers, including usual suspects such as U.S. News and the New York Times. Owen's reviews on the Rizknows YouTube channel were most helpful.


VOCs may be overhyped. However, if you've ever experienced a grand mal asthma attack, you know anything capable of reducing such an event is worth believing in some hype. Unseen things may be deadly, but they are also unseen and ripe for exploitation and abuse. I remember my last massive asthma attack. I'd tried to cycle from my parent's house in Greenwich to Choate in Wallingford, Connecticut, and back. The massive asthma attack experienced as I fell into our house wheezing and unsure of my next breath. The asthma attack scared my mother, brother, and me. So for me, it's worth hedging against VOCs with a "green" mattress.

Sleeping Hot

Ever had continuous night sweats? Then you know night sweats suck. The Avocado Mattress isn't the "coolest" sleeping mattress, but I'm betting it sleeps colder than the foam mattress I've slept on since moving into my tiny house three years ago. Of course, waking up at three or four in the morning isn't due to heat, but sleeping cooler would be a nice bonus.

Purple Harmony Pillow Review

The Purple Mattress with their unique GelFlex Grid was in the running. I didn't buy a purple mattress for two reasons. Some reviews complained of a chemical smell and, with all that, plastic/rubber smells could be an issue. Floating isn't a term associated with sleep (for me), so I purchased an Avocado mattress with latex, cotton, wool, and springs.

I did buy a Purple Harmony Pillow (medium height). Initially, I thought of the $170 as more than was reasonable for a pillow. In for a penny, in for a pound, I thought. There is no reason to spend several grand on a new mattress and use the same dumpling pillow. I think differently after sleeping on Purple's pillow grid for a week. Money well spent. I purchased a "Tall" Purple Harmony today."

Floating is how the Purple Harmony pillow sleeps. The first few nights felt strange, not unpleasant, just strange. After a week, I'll never sleep on anyone else's pillow. I used to stack two pillows. You don't need to do that anymore. You may wonder why I purchased another Purple pillow.

I sleep with three pillows - one supporting my head, one between my legs, and one between my arms. All those pillows contribute heat. However, the Purple Harmony Pillow sleeps cooler than any pillow I've experienced. According to more than ten reviewers, the purple grid promotes airflow, and airflow may be the secret to sleeping "cool." When the Tall Harmony arrives, I'll try it supporting my head. If the new pillow is too tall, I'll use it between my arms. I'll update this Purple Harmony Pillow review a week or so after my second pillow arrives.

Avocado Green Mattress Review

I'll review my sleeping experience on the Avocado Green Mattress here in a few weeks.


What do you sleep on? Describe your mattress buying process?

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